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The George Green No-cost energy Generator was groundbreaking when the inventor dark age defense amazon (our source) of its demonstrated its capabilities at a UFO conference. Instantly there was a huge buzz about this motor that would simply run on its own, indefinitely.
What's The George Green No-cost energy Generator?
This particular generator is a type of magnetic motor, an unit capable of turning magnetism into mechanical motion.
Green's device is one of the simplest and smallest versions I've already seen however, it's simplicity is the greatest asset of its because it shows to onlookers precisely how simple magnetic generators are.
Magnetic generators are able to running almost indefinitely with no external power input. Green's unit has a power output of a few milliwatts because it's built out of a speaker magnet, a place of plastic pipe and a number of fridge magnets.
What is The Science Behind It?
Magnetic motors like Green's version work because of "zero point" technology. 0 point is a fringe area of physics which drew much more awareness around 100 years back when it was first studied by the likes of Einstein and Nikola Tesla.
Improvement over the last few years has been limited to a number of enthusiasts & inventors. Not much has been done on the business side and conspiracy theorists believe this has been intentionally done to keep the fortunes of big swathes of industry which are heavily dependent on our current oil dependence.


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